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Tier 1 visa attorney in New Hampshire

Are you looking for UK Tier 1 visa attorney in New Hampshire?

Our UK immigration attorney is vastly experienced in UK immigration matters and has practiced UK immigration law for over 15 years with a successful track record.

Although our UK immigration lawyer is based in California, that does not affect how your case will be handled. Our firm deals with clients all over the United States in a seamless fashion and we take the worry out of immigration matters.

There are two types of UK Tier 1 visa

Tier 1 (entrepreneur) visa)

This is the most common Tier 1 visa among most business people.

It allows a non  British citizen or resident to enter the UK for the purpose of setting up or investing in an existing business. The investment requirement is either £50,000 or £200,000.

The market is buoyant and there are large numbers of applications under this section. However about 50% are refused because they did not follow the rules in the preparation of their application.

Tier 1 investor visa

Is for those who want to invest £2,000,000 (two million pounds) or more, hence it is less common.

You need an experienced UK immigration lawyer on your side, but you do not specially need to find a Tier 1 visa attorney in New Hampshire. our UK immigration attorney New Hampshire has helped many clients all over the united states to achieve a successful UK immigration visa.